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Electrical Contractors Insurance
A Package that accommodates all your Business insurance needs

Let PENTECO Help You Protect Your Business

Basic Liability & Property Insurance

You've worked hard to build your dream into a business reality.  Let PENTECO Insurance build a business insurance plan to protect that hard-won business.

We've made it our goal to understand the unique exposures and important issues that need to be considered when customizing an insurance package for a business like yours.  And we offer a broad array of coverage products to meet those needs at a competitive price.

Business Owners Policy

• You do most of your work off premises. Most property policies do not provide Business Personal Property coverage away from the insured’s premises. Spectrum provides a $2,500 base limit for a variety of Business Personal Property items including tools, equipment, materials and supplies whether they are at a job site or in transit. The Contractor’s Stretch endorsement enhances this offering with $10,000 of Installation coverage, $10,000 for Contractor’s Equipment and $1,000 for Contractor’s Tools. Higher limits may be available.

• Your employees often use their own tools. When employees’ tools are left on the insured’s premises, they are covered within the Business Personal Property limit.

• The price of copper is rising. Copper theft at job sites is a problem and incidents of employee theft may be an issue. Our Contractor’s Stretch endorsement provides Employee Theft coverage for $25,000.

• You are tech savvy. Computer equipment is essential to your day-to-day operations and project management and bid preparation require sophisticated, industry-specific software. Coverage for laptop computers, palmtops and similar equipment is provided under the Contractor’s Stretch for $5,000. The Hartford’s Optional Computers and Media form provides coverage for virus damage to computer equipment and software data. Limits are available up to $500,000 on Spectrum.

Cell phones are a business necessity. Spectrum covers cell phones as Business Personal Property.  Optional coverage is available up to $300,000 for mobile cellular phones, beepers and pagers on or away from an insured’s premises.

• Your work can be hazardous for your customers if they have to live or work in a “construction zone.” In addition, subcontractors may cause property damage to work in progress. Spectrum offers some of the broadest business liability coverage in the industry. Medical Expenses Coverage and Damage to the Insured's Work by Subcontractors are both included in Spectrum.  All contractors’ policies written by The Hartford are automatically endorsed with a Per Project Aggregate, so the policy’s aggregate limits are extended to each of the insured’s projects.

Workers’ Compensation

Your day-to-day work involves risks. When injuries occur, they can be catastrophic. The Hartford provides access to over 400,000 healthcare providers experienced in workplace injuries. Network contracts help keep medical expenses and premiums competitive.

Your cash flow can be erratic. The Hartford offers a convenient way to manage cash flow with XactPAY® our patent pending payroll billing solution for workers’ compensation. Benefits to you include no large down payment, pay-as-you-go premium charges based on actual payroll, and mitigation of audit surprises at the end of the policy period.

Commercial Auto

The Hartford offers broad auto insurance enhancements including the extension of physical damage coverage to many types of electronic equipment that is permanently installed and powered by the vehicle's electrical system.

Many contractors find that it is cost effective to rent heavy power units to enhance a fleet during peak periods of work. If Comprehensive, Specified Causes of Loss or Collision coverages are provided in commercial auto policy, then we extend Physical Damage Coverage to hired autos.

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